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    Tours/Day Trips

    Day Trips and Tours

    It seems many vacations are mostly about one thing…. beaches or golfing or camping or hiking or cycling, etc. But many vacations involve groups of people who don’t always have the same interests. Therefore, taking time for a few hours or even a day to switch things up by doing a tour or a day trip can really add some special memories to your trip. Sometimes a great day trip will happen with a spur of the moment idea. But, when traveling with children or older people, that seems to be the exception, not the rule. Some advanced planning will lead to a better experience for everyone when groups are…

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    Winter Activity

    Bundle up and get out there!

    While many of you will be on this site looking for information for visiting Prince Edward Island in the beautiful summer or colourful autumn seasons, there is fun to be had year round on PEI. Coming up very soon is the Jack Frost WinterFest in Charlottetown. This event is apparently the largest winter festival east of Quebec City. I know we have nothing like this in Halifax, that’s for sure. For 4 days (February 15th to 18th) you can enjoy both room temperature events and those a little chillier. Outdoor events are held at the Outdoor Snow Kingdom and include such things as a Coastal Tube Run, an interactive outdoor…

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    Running the roads in PEI

    Full disclosure: That picture above is not me! But, I have been running since I was a teenager as training for other sports. And as I got older, it was a form of both exercise and relaxation. While I now prefer other forms of exercise I’ve run in Canada, the US, and a number of Caribbean countries. But PEI was always one of my favourite places to run. I liked to combine a run with a family beach day so I’d often wear a swimsuit under my running gear. That was I could end my run by meeting up with my husband and girls at our favourite spot on the…

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    Golf and PEI just go together

    Maybe it’s the fact that PEI has the most golf courses per capita than anywhere else in Canada. Maybe it’s the fact that many people like to combine golf and vacation. Or maybe it’s the fact PEI courses offer beautiful vistas of rolling hills, waves crashing on beaches and unusual features like red sand traps. It all comes together for a great golf experience regardless of your budget or skill level. Since I’m not a golfer, I asked my husband for his thoughts on golfing in PEI in general and his opinion of the courses that he has played here. Karl has been playing for more than 30 years and…

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    Oh Those PEI Beaches….

    Some of the most iconic images of PEI are the red dirt roads that crisscross the island and red sand beaches that circle its shores. I read somewhere that PEI is actually a sand bar which totally makes sense to me. It is so completely different from the geography of its closest neighbours, northern Nova Scotia and the eastern coast of New Brunswick. And so, you can easily imagine it was never part of either but just developed out in the ocean, well, like a sand bar does. So what makes PEI’s sand and dirt red? It’s the iron in the soil and sandstone that oxidizes (rusts) when exposed to…

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    For such a small island (225 KM long) there is a huge range of things to see and do on Prince Edward Island. Whether your shoes with red sand in them are flip flops, runners, golf cleats, cycling shoes, hiking boots or even the kind of casual shoes you wear just strolling along you’ll find information, resources and stories to help you see and do all the things you want that PEI has to offer. Happy travels, Catherine