Two cyclists in field watching ferry crossing the water.

Seeing the island on two wheels

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike”
–  John F Kennedy

Most visitors to Prince Edward Island arrive by car via the Confederation Bridge or the ferry that runs between Wood Islands, PEI and Caribou, NS. Some others arrive by air and still others arrive on a cruise ship. However, for those looking for a more active way to arrive on PEI, cycling is an obvious choice. There is a shuttle bus which operates 24/7 taking cyclists and their rides across the bridge for a round trip fee under $10. The shuttle is used as cyclists are not permitted to bike cross the Confederation Bridge

Take the bridge or ferry across:

Information about the bridge shuttle can be found here. And, along with cyclists, pedestrians can take the shuttle for less than $5 round trip. For a more leisurely trip, cyclists can also hop on the Northumberland Ferry. This was the route taken by Dave Culligan in 2018 when the Halifax-based videographer documented his PEI cycling trip.

There are routes/trails/terrain on Prince Edward Island for every types of cyclist. And, in future posts, you’ll find information by type of biking/cycling – mountain biking, road cycling, fat biking. Yes, fatbiking is a thing. Check the Winter Activities post.)

Confederation Trail:

The Confederation Trail is a popular route for cyclists at all levels. This 435 KM trail was created in the 1990s after the last railroad was abandoned. At that point, the tracks were converted to trails of rolled stone dust. As a result, it’s popular with runners and cyclists. Another benefit is that the gradient never exceeds 2%. Branches of the tip-to-tip route spread out and provide access to the entire island as the map below shows. If you take the shuttle across the bridge, or fly into Charlottetown, you won’t be far from starting a journey on the Confederation Trail.

Are you wondering what it would be like to see the island by bike? Luckily for you, the good people at Great Canadian Bucket list did the whole trip and made the video below.

I hope all of the above has inspired you to undertake, or at least think about undertaking, your own challenge. However, if you can’t imagine the planning and logistics involved, check out this package from Great Canadian Trails:  Tip To Tip and Beyond.

If you’ve got a favourite place to cycle in PEI, leave it in the comments below.


  • Angelica

    Cycling Prince Edward Island sounds like such a beautiful way to see the island! Do they have bike rental bnb places there or do you have to bring your own?

    • admin

      Hi Angelica, There are a number of bike rental places on the island. You would obviously want to find one close to where you are going so I’d suggest googling it.

  • Anna

    wow this sounds like a great route! I especially love how easy it sounds to get there and that the route is quite flat. I have never heard of this island before so thank you for sharing!

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