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Running the roads in PEI

Full disclosure: That picture above is not me! But, I have been running since I was a teenager as training for other sports. And as I got older, it was a form of both exercise and relaxation. While I now prefer other forms of exercise I’ve run in Canada, the US, and a number of Caribbean countries. But PEI was always one of my favourite places to run. I liked to combine a run with a family beach day so I’d often wear a swimsuit under my running gear. That was I could end my run by meeting up with my husband and girls at our favourite spot on the beach. There’s nothing quite like finishing a run in the heat, pulling off your running gear and hopping straight into the waves!

Last training run

My final training run for my first half marathon was going to happen when I was on vacation in PEI. So the night before I drove a route from the cottage we were renting, through the National Park at Stanhope and back and noted the distance – this was some years before I owned a GPS running watch. I wanted to do a 20K so I would know I could do the full 21.1K race distance. Although people say you shouldn’t have time goals in mind for your first race, my competitive nature took over and based on what I had run on long runs before I had a solid estimate of how long the 20K should take.

The next day I ran the route and it took more than 20 minutes longer than I expected. I was crushed. I went through the whole “why am I even trying to run a half-marathon” thing. It bothered me for several days. I thought maybe the drive from Nova Scotia the day before impacted my time or maybe I hadn’t drank enough water. After a few days it occurred to me that maybe my distance measurement wasn’t quite exact. So I decided to drive and measure the route again. 22.0K?! Well, that explained a lot. So while I apparently can’t calculate distance from an odometer very well, I knew I was going to to finish the half! I’d love to hear any funny running stories you may have in the comments below.

Credit: Tourism PEI – Heather Ogg

PEI’s a runner’s delight

PEI has fabulous areas for running, It doesn’t matter whether you like to run on the beach, boardwalk, city streets or quiet country roads. To find out exactly where you might want to run in PEI, check out this article from greatruns.com. It lists 12 categories of routes, such as:

  • Charlottetown,
  • The Summerside boardwalk,
  • Beach routes like: Brackley, Dalvay, Cavendish and Greenwich
  • Confederation Trail routes.
  • And for a unique experience, try crossing the causeway on a run to Panmure Island.

The article also highlights several iconic “don’t miss” routes and has links to local stores, weather charts, etc. If you’re mostly interested in finding out what running events are happening, check out the Prince Edward Island Roadrunner’s Club website.

Highlights of the 2019 racing season include:

To check out details about these races and see all of the other events as well, click here. And if you’ve run in PEI before, let me know your favourite place in the comments.

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