Red flag on golf green in front of bay with dunes behind water.

Golf and PEI just go together

Maybe it’s the fact that PEI has the most golf courses per capita than anywhere else in Canada. Maybe it’s the fact that many people like to combine golf and vacation. Or maybe it’s the fact PEI courses offer beautiful vistas of rolling hills, waves crashing on beaches and unusual features like red sand traps. It all comes together for a great golf experience regardless of your budget or skill level.

Since I’m not a golfer, I asked my husband for his thoughts on golfing in PEI in general and his opinion of the courses that he has played here. Karl has been playing for more than 30 years and in that time has played probably close to a thousand rounds over many courses in Canada and the U.S. With that experience and a handicap in the mid-teens I think his thoughts will be helpful to people considering playing various courses in PEI.

Of course, now that we have a vacation property in PEI, and I could really use reviews of some additional courses for this blog, it’s a great reason for him to be teeing up at some courses he hasn’t played in a while or has never played, once things warm up and the courses open again.

When I asked him if someone said to you “What’s PEI like as place to golf?” he said he would say “It’s a very good choice. There are courses for varying skills levels, at different prices all in a reasonable driving distance. Many of the courses do a great job of incorporating PEI’s natural landscape features into the course. To have probably 15 top notch courses in such as small area is great for someone who would like to golf multiple courses in a short period of time.” So with that said, the next few posts will be a review of various courses.

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